Friday, August 29, 2008

Sun is shining today!

Today the sun is shining it is beautiful out!
I am glad since yesterday was overcast and gloomy all day. I am hoping that the Weatherperson was correct with their weekend forecast and it will be nice the entire weekend, with plenty of sun, warm temps in the day cool temps in the favorite time of the year :) Maybe I will even be lucky to see some pretty colors of fall while out too - I know it is early but the leaves are already changing here.
So my arm....the Dr. manipulated and moved it and stretched it and what not leaving me wincing as he did so. He is not quite sure he said the fact that the location that hurts leads him to say tendinitis, the fact that it is hurting in multiple muscle locations makes him go hmmmm. So he gave me an RX, some therapy suggestions and said to call him next week if it isn't any better or still is bothering me and we will dig deeper. Kinda felt like duh!!!!!!!!!!! been doing that but hey you gotta follow the steps right so I am doing it.
Going away this weekend and I am not sure if I am excited, nervous, scared, curious or a combination of all of that plus other stuff. It is our 18th anniversary and well we normally just steal off to our camper for the weekend or go out to dinner at Red Lobster. No this year dh has something up his sleeves and basically I have been told to take a few clothes and wear comfortable shoes AND NOT WORRY ABOUT IT!
This is the first time he has ever done anything like this so I have no clue what to expect! Soooo.... I will fill you on what he planned and what we did next week.
Meanwhile I have some news that has been making me smile all week and I can't wait to share with you so look for a post Monday or Tuesday with that info too!
he he :) I like being the secret keeper more than I like being the secret kept frommer!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

sore arm

Today is a rather rainy day here - overcast that spitty rain just enough to make it miserable out :( I know we need it but man do I love the cool sunshiny days we have been having!
I have been struggling with a soreness in my arm for several weeks now and today I can finally get into the Dr's to have it checked out. I can't put my arm out straight and if you put your arms out in front of your body facing up, the palm is usually flat. Well NO NOT MINE :( it is turned to almost a full 90 degrees to the side. This is NOT good. I can't grip well, can't straighten it, can't bend it certain ways and get shooting pains sometimes when I move it certain ways. Has really put a damper on things so enough is enough - have to get it looked at. Please keep me in your prayers as this is my "dominant" hand and to not be able to use it is a PITA for sure but more fearful is that it would be something they can't "fix".

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

$100 Bucks A Day

You can enter a contest here for $100 bucks a day give away! I know I could use that what about you? Go ahead - what can it hurt you won't be any worse off but maybe end up with a sweeet extra $100 bucks! Thanks Student Universe for the chance to win some $$$$$$

Monday, August 25, 2008

Free Museum Day

I have been surfing around this AM some and happened across a Free Day at the Museum page. Here is the link, you can see what is available to you in your state. The date of this is September 27, 2008. Many to choose from for me but I won't be in town that weekend so now I am off to check the place I will be and see what is available :) Good luck and enjoy!

Friday, August 22, 2008


Well last weekend my dh took me to breakfast at this place we hadn't been to for awhile, him since last fall for hunting with the guys and me well hmmm idk how long ago LOL! Anyway when we decided we would go I was mouth watering thinking about the grits I could get :) No one else here really likes them but I sure do and they made the real deal so yummy! But, when we get there no more grits nope, none to be found. So I left still thinking about them, even though the breakfast I got was good it wasn't what I went in hopes of. All week I have been thinking about those darn things so last night I made the trek to the store to get some supplies and I got grits too! LOL so this AM for breakfast I had them! put a pat of butter on top...YUM! It worked in a quick fix but man I can really see some coming on this weekend with some bacon and eggs. Mouth watering again! LOL
So happy Friday everyone...we are headed out to camp this weekend so won't be back until sometime Sunday. See you then!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

just over a month

In just over a month I will be heading out to see one of my good friends and I can barely wait! I am so excited to see her and have fun and get a real life hug :) This has been one heck of a week so I just keep telling myself only X amount of days each morning. I need a recharge!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

So much happening

Oh my so much has been going on I don't even know where to start! We went to a Mexican Fiesta on Saturday which was very fun! Good Food Good Friends...what more do you need :)
My dh played horseshoes which he loves and doesn't get to play too often anymore due to lack of a partner - I pretty much stink at that game LOL! We stayed in our camper finally - although there is still work to do it is going to be a long drawn out thing I imagine only doing as we have the money a little at a time :( Dang animals and nature caused quite a few problems!
On Sunday I got to spend time with my Gramma who was visiting us - I love her so much and am glad she was able to come to see all the family for a bit...I wish it could be longer...
Then on the way home my dh surprised me saying he got concert tickets to go to see Vince Gill on Monday night at our county fair. Not just tickets let me tell you but box seats and we were practically dead center! It was an acoustic night and very informal yet it was wonderful cause he talked about the songs and why he wrote them or what inspired them and joked with the audience through out the entire performance. I really enjoyed it quite a well as the cabbage and noodles on the way in and the funnel cake on the way out! LOL! Not sure but we might go over one more day for the combine derby and I think then I might have to get another fair favorite the fried cheese stick although I did see this year also fried cheese curds so.... maybe I'll try them instead! This will be my fill of fried food for some time as my stomach doesn't handle it to well all the time. Oh yeah and I saw fried pickles there last night too!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mexican Food

We are going to a party this weekend that some friends are hosting. The theme is Mexican! I love Mexican food and have been searching for some authentic recipes this week - getting in the mood I guess LOL and also debating what I want to take - I like too much! Anyway I came across this one site that not only had recipes but also little video's showing how to make some of the foods! Pretty cool! Sometimes I know you read a recipe and it says mix to the texture or consistancy of "blah blah blah" and you are like well what the heck is that mean?!?!?!
Nice thing about the video's is that you see it . . . so now you know! LOL!
Anyway they have a lot of recipes there so if you have time go to MexGrocer and check the place out! No I am not saying you have to shop, you might want to but you don't have to! Just check out the scrumptious recipes they have!
I'll let you know how the party goes :)

20% off at Michaels

Michael's Craft store has a coupon out now for 20% off your total regular price purchase through August 23, 2008. Click here to get it! yeah they catch you with the regular price stuff but still you can find a good deal or two I am sure! Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wood Gone

This past weekend we stopped out to our camper to hang out some and to clean.
While there we found this :(
I am so upset about this - we don't know who took it for sure - we have some suspects but nothing concrete. So much for having those nice fires and cooking burgers and dogs over it too.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Today I discovered RoboForm2Go - so ok some of you already know about this little beauty or perhaps one of the other form fillers but for me it was something I didn't have and finally decided I needed after the 9th or 10th sweepstake entry and typing everything in again and again LOL! So today I downloaded onto my USB device so I can take it back and forth to work with me!
What this little guy does is fill my forms in with information I gave it so I simply have to click a button instead of type it all out over and over. Now some of course ask other questions you have to fill them in too. Don't get in the habit of clicking through you might miss something that disqualifies you! That would stink!
It put a bar at the top of my page that I didn't like I mean come on way to advertise to everyone and their brother that I was filling out forms when I should of been doing something else LOL so I quickly discovered that you can put that bar away and just click on it through the docked items by the clock :) YEAH ME!
I have been giving it a work out and storing some passwords although not all since if I lose it I don't want all my info to be a free for all. I also set up a long time ago a dummy email for contests so I am not slammed with SpAm* so that is the email info that it is storing for me so even if someone gets it they really don't have me just my junk email they are welcome to it anytime!
So do you use RoboForm2Go or some other program? What are your thoughts? Any tips or tricks you want to pass on? Now off to enter more contests! There are a TON out there!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


FLBYU is having a contest/give away for a coupon organizer.

Simply hop over to her blog and check out how to win one for yourself!

If you are not a subscriber to this blog you are missing out - she has the most wonderful tips and tricks and finds I have ever seen and I have scored many a bargain through her posts. I wish you all the best of luck in the drawing for this organizer but I wish me more LOL!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What's your Bill IQ


I took this test over at Bills IQ and found that I have some things I need to deal with LOL - don't we all! No that isn't my score picture above although I hope it is one day if not even better! Actually my score was very low which is kind of scary and I was offered some tools to help with that. Something they suggest I consider is Debt consolidation however I really do not have a lot of debt per say other than vehicles which due to the economy has become a struggle sometimes. I am past the half way point so I will continue on as my research has shown at this point it would not be in my best financial interest to make a change. There is a wealth of information at Bills IQ that you can benefit from though and I will be checking some of it out for myself as well. They offer Debt relief information, Debt help information, or perhaps you struggle with Credit card debt, there are plans and information that can help you with all of these things at Bills IQ. Maybe you need some help with Credit counseling or perhaps to Consolidate debt. It is all there just click on the link and take your own Bill IQ test and get going from there! It is simple, easy and eye opening to say the least! Perhaps things have gotten too far out of hand and you are considering Bankruptcy well go and check out what they have to say and see if there is an alternative or at least let Bills IQ guide you along. Remember BillsIQ can help in many areas of your financial picture, give them a chance! Give your self a chance and get help before it is too late!
I learned that I need to be more aggressive in my savings to reach my goals for retirement someday as well as be more frugal about my spending habits and socking away my rainy day fund. Keep making on time payments and pay down that debt with any extra income that I come across. Of course knowing and doing are two vastly different things so my focus needs to be on applying these strategies to my personal life to reach my goals.

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Sunday, August 3, 2008


I am on a group or rather a part of a group who shares via email. One of the things we share is a daily email with a thought, quote, uplifting something or other or a devotional. This is one that had recently come through and it seemed appropriate for me as lately there have been some struggles going on in my life. So here it is...perhpas it is helpful to you also!

"God never promises to remove us from our struggles.

He does promise, however,

to change the way we look at them."

-Max Lucado-