Friday, January 30, 2009

Tag I'm It!

ok I told my friend Wendy I would play along with her I will sorta! I don't know if I have 6 people to tag now but I will do the best I can!

I am to go to My Pictures (which I keep on a thumb drive) and then the 6th album then post the 6th picture so here goes....

This is Princess Di made out of Jelly Beans and was taken on my last trip to WI to see Anna :)

So now the tagging part - well how about you just share your 6th picture in your 6th My Pictures Album and then link me to it so I can see :)

he he .....have fun!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another Give Away I NEED to win!

So yesterday you all know I was hopping around at Post-It-Place and Jyl listed another giveaway I desperately need to win! So she responded to the comment I left and I told her I would take a picture and share it :) so here it is!

I need to win the OXO Stainless Steel Bag Dispenser to get rid of this mess! LOL! Make sure you trot over to Jyl's and leave a message maybe you will win but I have to admit I have my fingers and my toes and my ankles crossed that I win this one! I actually did tidy this up a bit before taking the pic - I scooted the garbage can out of the way -it holds all the bags back in the hole between to the 2 cupboards! LOL!

Monday, January 26, 2009

wanna win?

2 great prizes to win over at the Post-It-Place!
Most Memorable...
a chance for a $25 gift certificate! I wold go to Red Lobster of course!
Valentines Day Purse Giveaway
check out this adorable purse too!
She always finds the cutest stuff!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gran Torino

Last night dh and I went out to dinner and then to see the movie Gran Torino.

Dinner was fabulous! we went to Red Lobster and I had lobster and crab legs and shrimp and biscuits and salad YUM!!!!! I love love love seafood!

The movie was great too - we both had wanted to see it - dh for the car LOL and me well yeah for the car too! It was a very good movie with a great story line and a Clint Eastwood does a wonderful job of making the story believable. The ending got us both and that is all I am going to say cause no spoilers here - ( I loathe when ppl spoil with out alerts so I just try to NOT do it!)

Anyway we had a great evening hope you all did too!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Great Food For All

I don't know if you can really tell from this picture but there is a LOT of food here! Yes it is bulk and yes it is frozen in larger packages BUT it was all for only $30! Amazing and it looks yummy!
This was the basic package of food for the month of January from a new food co-op type place I found nearby. It is called Great Food For All. We have a ham - a whole ham! Not pieces parts or a small half but a whole one - we can get several meals from this alone! Enough broccoli for us to get probably 2-3 meals with. I think 2 sides and one I use the broccoli in with some of the ham maybe :) There is a package of chili cheese stuff which is enough for at least 2 meals. I plan to use half with some cream cheese and Cheddar and make a dip for game night :) There were onion rings, fish planks, a peach pie, Creamed corn blend that has some other stuff in for a little zing (am thinking this might make a good soup or use in my cornbread recipe!) breaded chicken breasts (will make 2 meals with leftovers for lunches for of which will be chix parmesan!) baked beans (probably have chix pattie sandwiches with this!) and frozen bread dough for rolls!

We also purchased the kids pack - dh and dd like the corn dogs (blech!) and chicken nuggets they said were in there. Well instead of chicken nuggets they were those spicy chix fries thing - dd loved that! Also had some rice crispie treats, another bag of breaded chix patties and a package of hot dogs! So combining the 2 we got a ton of stuff! This second package was under $20 Definately got our monies worth and some good staples to pair with other ingredients for ssome tasty menu's! Maybe have half the beans with the dogs and some of the chili stuff for a picnic night, add some cottage cheese or even some chips and grab a pack of buns and we are good to go! Another thing to do with the breaded chix patties is to layer them (like lasagna with cheese ravioli and sauce, top with a little shredded mozzarella and you have a tasty dish! Salad on the side rounds it out quite nicely!

Oh I am sure I forgot something that was in the package but it was so worth it. Next month we are going to give the Angel Food a try - it is another foood program. You can check the menu's out online so we just look and choose the best one and that is who we go with for the month. If you have a larger freezer it is worth it to do both (if you like the foods included that month) They also offer a senior package that would be ideal for lunch packers too! Then each has the add on packages like the kids pack above they are all different and taylored to specific themes. Anyway just wanted to share and let you know there are good options out there for these tight money times! Groceries is easy way to save with packages like this and COUPONS! LOL

Blog Candy

I don't normally post a lot of craft info over here as I have another blog for that but this one is too good to pass up if you are a crafter and for me well...I want the added entry LOL! I would love to have these dies!
so here is the info...

WOW WOW WOW....this is one you won't want to miss...
mycreatvie-cafe has some great projects using their new Winter CHA release dies for the AccuCut and they are AWESOME! They are also have a party and celebrating so hop over and help them out!

P.S. if you don't know what dies are or an AccuCut that is ok - you can enter and then gift them to me ROFL!

Monday, January 12, 2009

joy joy joy ...NOT!

So I pop up the newsreader and this is what I see...
"We have one heck of a week coming up.
A blast of true arctic air arrives Tuesday with rapidly falling temperatures.
The front itself will bring us about 2"-5" of snow.
I expect very slick conditions in the morning and then the temperature drop
throughout the day. Another major snow event is likely Wednesday afternoon through Thursday with several inches of accumulation area wide. This week will be very bad! "
Can we send the snow with the polar bear and be done with it already?

RV's, Snow and RENT

Friday dh and I went to the RV show and walked and walked and walked! There were TONS of RV's from small pop ups to small hard tops to HUGE drivers and more there! There was even one we could go up to the SECOND yes I said SECOND story and stand fully upright to look out the windows all around the sitting room! AMAZING the things you can get in an RV. I think there really are no bounds if you can dream it someone has done it or is working on doing it now to get the option out there to all the RV'rs. We did find a couple we liked, one especially with a small slide out section but it is beyond our reach right now. We really do want to downsize from our 32 TT to something more portable and can be towed with our truck. It is just he and I now so there is really no need for something as big as we have. We'll see....
SNOW SUCKS as my friend tells me when I see her logged into chat. I have to agree I really just don't like it...the toes never being warm...slipping and sliding everywhere....not being able to go places for fear of drifted snow and getting stranded or in an accident....I really really dislike it! More than snow though I really really don't like that we seem to get iced over a LOT! and then we get snow so we are often in a very precarious state with that layer of ice under fresh snow and you really end up slipping and sliding! YUK!

Last night my daughter and I went to see RENT. It was a fun night and we really enjoyed the show. On the way out we got turned around so we ended up heading out of the city the wrong way but it was kinda cool cause we got to see some places I remembered from childhood and places I wanted to show her so we just enjoyed the tourist route. LOL!
Oh that's about all for is Monday and back to work I am.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Movie, the day from He** and so on

my hubby and I went to see the movie Seven Pounds on Sunday afternoon. I had heard good things about it on the local radio station so I wanted to go. I knew it was the end we were all waiting for but I don't think hubby did. It started off in hubby was having a hard time staying awake but then again he loves his naps LOL! but then it became a whole twisted plot and you were wondering what is he doing? You were having to watch now to see what was going on. Oh my it did indeed deliver in the end and I am glad we went to see it! I think I might like to get it on DVD when it is released as there were several things we didn't pick up but then in talking about we figured out LOL! Yeah I don't want to give it away so I am talking all topsy turvy about it! he he

Afterwards we went to a new place for dinner. It was a pub & grille so I expected with the football games on it would be wasn't which was ok with me :) We had a coupon for $10 off a $20 purchase so we looked over and over and over the menu to see what to get. Hubby got a steak wrap, a cheese quesadilla for an appetier to share and I got the appetizer garlic parmesan wings for my meal. Well we were almost done with the appetizer whent he waitress comes out and says we are out of garlic - do you want another flavor of wings. hmmm NO I DON"T I WANTED GARLIC 9in my head this is happening) outloud I say umm no I will pick something else, she was kind enough to give me the menu back to look over. She comes back and says well the wings are almost done are you sure you just don't want another flavor? No I don't thank you. I ordered a patty melt :( Not really what I wanted and I ended up only eating half of it and took the rest home - it was bland. Course maybe just cause I didn't want it was why as I do like patty melts normally. Anyway I was bummed we used a good coupon for so so food and although the prices were relatively inexpensive I am not sure we will go back again I mean come on HOW DOES A PLACE RUN OUT OF GARLIC?????? Plus it was pasta night for them so reall to run out they should of been prepared. Ok thanks for letting me vent....

Monday was the day from HE** I had to try to do some updating for our accounting program at work to get ready for the new year and to make sure the right taxes and such were working and give guys their vacation time - would it work?!?!?! NOPE nothing was working and the program's tech support was so busy...on hold for hours and still no solution. Yeah for me I get to go back into this tomorrow too and try again! :( grrrrr I hate end of year!

Today my day off had a list of things I needed to get done and places to go, was all set to hop in the shower and get moving and looked outside again....SNOW....everywhere! YUK!!!
As my friend said today SNOW SUCKS!

ughhh so that is what has been going on here LOL how about with you?