Friday, March 6, 2015


I have been following a LCHF diet for the most part since the end of January. I am down 12 pounds so far and it has been pretty easy. I am not bored with the eating way at all but I have not been 100% strict as we had birthday's and such and I decided to give in a little was better than to deprive and fail. I returned to course though and went right back to it the very next meal. I have found alternatives to things to satisfy my crunch need and such. I am struggling with bread though. I love bread. Not just eating it but that it holds cheese and meat and I can dunk it in runny egg yolks. I also love to make it! This is a struggle for me. I tried a sort of flat bread made with coconut flour last night and it wasn't too bad but it isn't bread. Other than that just Bacon On people!