Saturday, March 21, 2009


There is a new blog in town...well a new one starting anyhow :) It is a perfume blog called Talk Perfume. Honestly I never would of even thought about blogging about perfume but I think it would actually be helpful. I know when I go to the store I am often overwhelmed by the various scents and sometimes afraid to try new ones as I have no clue what they are like or what is in them. This site offers little blips about various scents and you can contribute too. Wouldn't you love to share info about your favorite so someone else can enjoy it too?

I enjoy floral and tropical scents as much as I do basic vanilla but my favorite perfume that I find myself coming back to over and over is Happy by Clinique.

Here is the description they use for it:
"A hint of citrus. A wealth of flowers. A mix of emotions. Our best-selling women's fragrance interplays fresh, vibrant notes-ruby red grapefruit, bergamot-with soft, sensual ones-Hawaiian wedding flower, spring mimosa. Wear it and be happy."

I guess you can see why now right? Flowers with grapefruit and bergamot...I am happy just thinking about it so I think today will be a "Happy" day!

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