Friday, July 30, 2010

We made it through

the shower!  I am happy to report that things went well, laughter and smiles were everywhere and many of gift list items received by the happy couple :)

Picture 075Picture 092

The decorations we made looked fantastic and I received lots of compliments on my craftiness…always makes you feel good when that happens!

Picture 008   Picture 005

The food was wonderful with a fabulous fruit salad, several sandwich combo’s and a variety of awesome  desserts!

Also happy to report that they have signed an offer on a house and are now in the financing, loan approval, inspection phase of things.  Dare I say this means I will get getting my house back LOL!  Stacks of things everywhere I look that are for her home. It seems her hope boxes have multiplied like rabbits! Provided all goes well she will be moving the end of August. I am thankful she will have a chance to get settled a bit in time for the wedding!

So that has been what is going on here and why I have been MIA for the majority of the past few months.  Now on to the final touches for the wedding/reception planning….like flowers and the final choices for decorations and bow making and….



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