Monday, March 9, 2009

Wii? Grill?

Finally got our tax return done this past was accepted by the IRS and now the wait begins until it is direct deposited.
In the meantime dh and I both have wants we are choosing to indulge in before putting the rest of the money away for repairs and tuition expenses for our dd. So I need your help!
I want a Wii (and a Wii Fit) so where is the best place to get these from? Of course I am trying to still be frugal about it and get the best deal - that leaves more $ for other things :) I have seen bundled packs but also seen a base unit at WalMart for around $250 and then the Wii Fit I have spotted for around $90 so please those of you with a Wii what are your suggestions for MUST HAVE this piece or that so I know what to keep my eye out for or where to shop online for it? Don't be shy - step in and shout out the good and the bad about it.
As for dh he wants a new grill - our other one is pretty much shot, worn out and then it took a HUGE hit from the snow which fell from the second story roof and bent the side burner portion almost all the way flat to the side. No can't cook on that for sure anymore LOL! Inside is pretty much burned up too the grates are probably ok but the inards are dead LOL! So any feedback on a particular grill? We want gas not charcoal although it does have it's plusses too but we cook on a gas one at home and over an open flame normally at the camper. I will be on the hunt for another cast iron pan too this year - I want a bigger one instead of just the small fry pan and square pan I have now.
So is anyone else getting a refund and what are your plans for it?


Christy Dillman said...

We love our WII, boys got it from Santa for Christmas. They are pretty much same at WM, Target, Toys R Us, etc. We also have the WII fit and the whole family loves it, got it at WM. I find my boys play the game that comes with WII and WII fit more than any of other games, except when we have a family night of Mario Cart.

I love the WII fit for the aerobics on it, they are fun and before you know it you have worked out for 30 minutes or longer. Step aerobics and hula hoop are my faves!

If my hubby had to choose between grill and WII, he would choose WII everytime- more play, less work! LOL!!!

PaperAddictJenn said...

I've had my Wii since November 2007 -- it was a surprise anniversary gift from my husband. He got it for the standard $250 at Toys R Us. I haven't bought the Wii Fit yet, but my friend who's an occupational therapist uses one at the rehab center where she works. She said everyone who uses it loves it.

michele said...

Hi Karyn, I (santa!) bought us a wii last xmas we love it! I don't get to play much at the moment but I live in hope. I couldn't afford the wii fit but hear it is great. I can't help much with wher to get it, me being in the UK but I did shop around alot before putting my own bundle together from a few places. Have fun with it when you get it!! hugs mx

Unknown said...

I love my wii! Its so much fun and a great way for me to spend some quality time with my three boys.. I play wii with them and they sit through SU workshops for me to practice ;)