Friday, July 19, 2013

SNAP Fitness

Soooooooo I joined a gym!  Ok so far it is just a 30 day trial but I am liking the atmosphere. As for the working out part I have only gone a couple times really and tonight I am headed there to do my first circuit workout.  I feel self conscious every time I walk in there but I just keep reminding myself I am doing this for me not them. I would love to have someone to go with but then again I imagine we would be at different levels and probably wouldn't be doing the same things there anyway.  Right now I am lucky if I can go 6-7 minutes on the treadmill or the bike, and let me tell you I AM SWEATING like ice in 100 degrees!  The place is SNAP Fitness if you want to join in the fun let me know so I can send you an invite and earn some perks for the referral!

In doing this I have discovered I AM SERIOUSLY OUT OF SHAPE!!!!!!  Although weight loss is one of the things I want to achieve I am also looking to increase my flexibility (being able to get on and off the motorcycle more easily would be a huge plus as well as build up my core to help alleviate the back issues I have been noticing more and more often.

I'll be going to the Dr. on Monday and asking him for a recommendation so I can use this as a tax deduction also. I'll be asking him to check my BP which has been out of whack and also to run all the other blood work that hasn't been checked recently so I can get some baselines to compare to also.

feeling adventurous for now....


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