Monday, March 30, 2009

What is this all about?

ok so if you "know" me at all you know I love to rubber stamp. Well this weekend the Design Team I am on started our monthly blog hop. You can even win one of these if you like but in order to find out how you need to start {here}
Have fun!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

dmg file extension

The File Extension Library can help you to figure out just what type of file that is you have. Their extensive list of file endings can be clicked on for better explanation of just what that particular extension is for and what purpose it serves. For example what is a dmg file extension? I actually didn't know until I went to the File Extension Library to find out. "The dmg file extension is a Mac OS X Copy Disk Image File that falls in the category of Disk Files. It is a mountable disk image file that is a creation of Mac OS X, which normally opens image files mounting virtual disks on the desktop. This file format is a replacement of .IMG file extensions normally used by MAC OS Classic. Mac OS 9 and all the earlier versions are not compatible with this file. DMG disk images are opened on Mac computers by use of Apple Disk Utility normally packaged in Mac OS X.
There is also a handy tool there to run to see if you have any errors! Remember though that The DMG file extension is Mac-specific and is not intended to be opened using Windows Operating system. However, users can make use of Daemon Tools in mounting this file’s images on virtual drivers. There is helpful information on what to do if you can't open dmg's. How great to have all this information in one easy to use Library where the answer is just a click away!


today I am so sleepy, not sure why I went to bed fairly early, slept ok or at least I thought I did. I just couldn't get up and moving this AM for some reason...maybe the dreary grey sky and rainy weather? Maybe the whole week has finally caught up with me who knows but off to surf some blogs and see what is going on elsewhere in the WWW :)
My SIL comes tomorrow and I am excited to see her and spend some time with her. Even if we do nothing it is nice to have company once in awhile!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Credit Cards

Recently a notice came in the mail stating the rate on my CC was going up.
What? I am not late, I am not over my limit and I am a good customer.
Needless to say I am looking for a new card to better fit my needs. I came across this
site for information on multiple credit card companies and offers of all kinds.
You can easily compare various cards to see what will offer you the best deal.
There are cards for low rates, balance transfer rates, rewards programs of all kinds,
bad credit – they can help there too with recommended cards. If you want Cash Back
cards well they have ones listed you can compare also. This website has a great deal of information that is very useful.

If you are also asking yourself what is the best credit card like I am then check out the article "Searching for the Best Credit Card" that they have written. It will help you with answer that question and head you in the right direction for a new or additional credit card to suit your needs.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Good Kitty...Bad Kitty

As you may or may not know my daughter talked me into finally getting her a kitty a couple years ago. Now mind you I had resisted since she was a very small child always saying no for one reason or another - mainly I am NOT an animal person. Sooo I kept seeing this sign along the way to work and I thought ok I am tired of the begging I will take her to look at them and then be done with it. We left with not just one but two kittens that day! Yeesh! They were so tiny and cute and! Just what she wanted! So we have to get them established with some house rules right...keep them in your room, I don't want a house full of cat hair....yeah ok that didn't last long even though she has a larger room it was clearly not enough space for two rambuncious kitties. So we agree not on the furniture - yeah that lasted a long time before they claimed the backs of the respected furniture for themselves. So we finally have come to some arrangements at least while people are home and can se them for the most part. Not on mom's couch and in the "man room" you can sleep wherever you can find room for your little ole self! LOL so meet Good kittie AKA Midnight who has claimed a large pillow, the back of dad's recliner and her spot in the "man room"

yeah just look through all the junk to find her LOL! THe blankets were all stacked up neatly but have since been arranged into cat beds of their liking!

Now Bad kitty here below aka Casper has up and decided that mom's couch and pillows are nice. I don't know why she suddenly thinks it is ok she is up there? I mean look at her just staring at me like what?!?!?! I had been telling her to get down for 5 minutes already. So now I spend my time chasing and shooing her off my couch and annoyed that my cream couch has black hairs all over it. Not to mention the pillows!

I just keep reminding myself ... they make my daughter happy and my dh loves them too.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pampered Chef, Tupperware & where to go?

Anyone know a great Pampered Chef lady that is local to me so I can have a party? I used to have them all the time then my friend stopped selling for them and well since I have had a book party or two but mostly buy at the fair when they are there. Well dh and I used to have fabulous couple parties and we were talking about my broken stoneware and he said why don't we have a party again! Me thinks it is his way of saying he wants to show off the new grill he is getting more than anything LOL! But regardless I need to replace the stone he said let's do it so now we need to find a rep.

Anyone in Lorain or Medina counties and want to come help us have a party?

I was baking for the family birthday party yesterday (baking yesterday party today!) and came across some things that didn't make me to happy :( My Tupperware lids are cracked and broken. I have the square containers for storing flour and sugar and tebags and such and round ones for things like rice and spaghetti and the lids have cracks in them! At least 2 so far that I noticed. i round one and one of the sqaure ones. I need to replace them. I love those containers they are sturdy and not the usual flimsy stuff and have lasted a long while but the lids to crack is not good so I need replacements. Also would like to get some more of those smash down LOL that is what we call them know the ones that fold flat. Now I know I can get things online but I really would like to see the new stuff too and having a personal touch is nice so again anyone know of a Tupperware person in Lorain or Medina county area? We used to go with my aunt to this great bingo thing every once in awhile - I will have to see if anyone knows if they still do that. Tupperware bingo - lots of fun!

Where to go...DH and I would love to get away for a weekend, probably leave Friday after he gets off work and come home sometime on Sunday but where to go? He wants to go to a casino. We both like them and although we don't spend much we do have a good time. He was telling me about one in PA but that is like 7-8 hours away as it is in Mount Pocono unless we go to a racetrack/casino which I am not really that keen on. I don't really care for the horse racing on TV, now live is great but eh I can do without the tv simulcast stuff. Anywhooo we also thought about Mountaineer but again I am wondering isn't that a racetrack/casino? Anyone know anything about Greektown? What about Detroit? Are there others that are within say 5 hours of NE Ohio? Comments/ Feedback on any experiences anyone has had? Hotels ok? Food? other things to do or see in the area? We have been to Niagra Falls, been to Ontario but no we don't have passports so don't think we can do that now. Our favorite so far has been Tunica but alas that is just a wee bit too far for a weekend only get away LOL! I was scoping the flights to Vegas too as we both want to go but it is almost $500 a person and well then we would be able to play the penny slots only for about 5 pulls apiece ROFL so guess that will stay on the dream list for a bit! Unless you know an inside scoop on cheap flights/hotel for there.

yeah a lot of jibberish today but really if you can help me out with any of the above I would appreciate it immensly!

Ok off to the birthday party now!

Oh and Anna I redid the PB brownies and they are fantastical and the Fudge ones are ooey gooey chewy! I can't wait!


There is a new blog in town...well a new one starting anyhow :) It is a perfume blog called Talk Perfume. Honestly I never would of even thought about blogging about perfume but I think it would actually be helpful. I know when I go to the store I am often overwhelmed by the various scents and sometimes afraid to try new ones as I have no clue what they are like or what is in them. This site offers little blips about various scents and you can contribute too. Wouldn't you love to share info about your favorite so someone else can enjoy it too?

I enjoy floral and tropical scents as much as I do basic vanilla but my favorite perfume that I find myself coming back to over and over is Happy by Clinique.

Here is the description they use for it:
"A hint of citrus. A wealth of flowers. A mix of emotions. Our best-selling women's fragrance interplays fresh, vibrant notes-ruby red grapefruit, bergamot-with soft, sensual ones-Hawaiian wedding flower, spring mimosa. Wear it and be happy."

I guess you can see why now right? Flowers with grapefruit and bergamot...I am happy just thinking about it so I think today will be a "Happy" day!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday & I got paid again!

Yep that's right - did you see my last post about YouData? Yes it is advertising and yes it does take a few minutes (seconds actually) to open and click the ads and such but, it is a way to earn a bit of extra change! Here is a quick recap about it...

"I now control what ads I see and when I see them. Best part - I am selling my attention directly to interested advertisers, for real money. That's right, I get paid for giving them my attention. I can use the funds to buy music and video online, donate to charities, give to my favorite blogs and websites, or keep the change myself and do whatever I want with it."

SO last week I made a little over $3 and this week I made just under $2. It all depends on how many advertisers have listings there and I suppose as all things supply and demand come in to play so yeah it is only a little bit but 2 weeks on Friday like they promised I have been paid direct into my Paypal account! Every penny helps right so give it a try! Go to YouData and sign up! I would of course appreciate if you would use me as your referral and enter kc_froglady as the referral code.

Oh and they also have this thing you can download so it will be right on your desktop s you can easily check if there are new ads when you sit down to your computer without having to load the web page get to the site log in and then look for the button! Can't get much simpler!

Let me know what you think.... And happy YouData 'ing :)

Extraterrestrial Abduction Day

Extraterrestrial Abduction Day


are you laughing - I was when I opened this in my mail a couple weeks ago! I was in a swap (Swap-Bot) that is to celebrate the wild and wacky holidays - who knows who comes up with these things but never the less it gives us something fun to mess around with! The swap entails picking 4-5 different holidays from this wild & wacky calender and then getting your partner something to help them celebrate the specific days you choose. My partner for March picked today for one of the days and she got me a brand spanking new insurance policy. OMGosh if you can enlarge the picture and read please do, I think it is hilarious!
Even better - we have never met and she listed herself as the beneficiary! How funny!

So stay alert today and don't go checking out any strange lights or anything!

ha ha ha

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Hello Friends,
I found something that I think you will like. The company's name is YouData. They are trying to convince consumers like us that we should be the ones controlling our own data and selling our own attention, not third parties like broadcasters, newspapers, and spammers. By creating a MeFile at, I now control what ads I see and when I see them. Best part - I am selling my attention directly to interested advertisers, for real money. That's right, I get paid for giving them my attention. I can use the funds to buy music and video online, donate to charities, give to my favorite blogs and websites, or keep the change myself and do whatever I want with it.
It's real. They pay. You should check it out.
Click this link to sign up.

Please put my MeFile ID, kc_froglady, in the "Referral Code" that will tell them I sent you.

today I earned over $3 in under 10 minutes - you can too!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Blogoversary for Jyl!

Today is Jyl's Blogoversary at The Post-It Place! I really enjoy her blog so be sure to bop over and leave her a comment - she is having all kinds of candy to give away! he he

Happy Blogoversary Jyl! Keep up the NON Sameness! I love it!


Wii? Grill?

Finally got our tax return done this past was accepted by the IRS and now the wait begins until it is direct deposited.
In the meantime dh and I both have wants we are choosing to indulge in before putting the rest of the money away for repairs and tuition expenses for our dd. So I need your help!
I want a Wii (and a Wii Fit) so where is the best place to get these from? Of course I am trying to still be frugal about it and get the best deal - that leaves more $ for other things :) I have seen bundled packs but also seen a base unit at WalMart for around $250 and then the Wii Fit I have spotted for around $90 so please those of you with a Wii what are your suggestions for MUST HAVE this piece or that so I know what to keep my eye out for or where to shop online for it? Don't be shy - step in and shout out the good and the bad about it.
As for dh he wants a new grill - our other one is pretty much shot, worn out and then it took a HUGE hit from the snow which fell from the second story roof and bent the side burner portion almost all the way flat to the side. No can't cook on that for sure anymore LOL! Inside is pretty much burned up too the grates are probably ok but the inards are dead LOL! So any feedback on a particular grill? We want gas not charcoal although it does have it's plusses too but we cook on a gas one at home and over an open flame normally at the camper. I will be on the hunt for another cast iron pan too this year - I want a bigger one instead of just the small fry pan and square pan I have now.
So is anyone else getting a refund and what are your plans for it?

Friday, March 6, 2009

A Happy Birthday it was!

We picked up her car yesterday, she really likes it a lot and we (the parents) are so happy to have her in something safe and she looks sweeeeeeet! LOL She got an incredible deal and I will have to get some pics to share with you...yeah I am jealous she has heated seats, a moon roof and oodles and oodles of space in this car!

We had a fantastic dinner with Crepes, choice of syrup or strawberries and creme, eggs, choice of meats from bacon, sausage and scrapple. A piece of the yummy birthday cake (se above) and cookies and cream ice cream too! Sounds like a lot but everyone likes something different so we were aiming to please and of course to fill everyone's belly :) DD's fiance had never had crepes before so that was something new to him! Yum Yum Yum!

We watched a movie all together and then some of the Food network Ace of Cakes King of the Hill LOL!

Her bday present didn't arrive in time so her fiance and I made up a game she could ask us each 2 questions to try to figure it out .... LOL It was more like silly time but it was so nice to sit with them and laugh!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ebates = Cash Back

Join Ebates and you can find things like a cheap wii or a gazillion other things and get a % (percent) Cash Back on each and every purchase you make through them. There are so many brand name stores (more than 1,000) that are a part of this site that you can’t help but have fun shopping for all your needs and wants!

I have been a member for some time and I love that I can log in check if the store I am shopping at is listed, click through and go on about my business all the while earning Cash Back on each and every purchase I make.

Membership has excellent benefits like up to 25% Cash Back on purchases, access to hundreds of coupons and free shipping offers, TRUSTe certified privacy protection and superb customer service just to mention a few!

It’s easy to get started with Ebates just click here, sign up, get your bonus and then start shopping!

Happy Birthday!

Today is my daughter's birthday!
I can't believe she is 19 years old how did that happen?
I am so proud of her she is quite the responsible young lady with a plan and she actively works her plan each and everyday. She is AMAZING!
Today she is taking a big leap and buying a new car. Her old one decided it wanted to be a little bit of a stinker and have some repairs done however, the repairs were adding up and it was looking to be costly to keep putting this and that into it. So she is making the leap to something newer and we go to pick it up this evening :) I am excited for her!
No real big plans other than that we will be eating dinner at home and having a small cake with some cookies & cream ice cream LOL! I'll tell you about dinner in another post, another day!
Have a great day everyone!

Real Property Management

Real Property Management specializes in the management of single family homes, multi-unit apartment buildings, and homeowner’s associations. they make owning profitable and enjoyable! The company has managed rental properties nationwide for over 20 years with professional, well-trained property managers, maintenance personnel, and accountants.

Theyoffer: Tenant Placement Affordable Management fees with NO Leasing feesCredit and Multi-State Criminal Backround Screening Regular Property Inspections Accounting Project ManagementMonthly Financial Reporting to Owners available online 24/7 Maintenance Services Collections Evictions/Legal

Real Property Management manages properties in the following locations in Ohio: Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo and the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area.

If you are a property owner and are having some difficulties with property management then give Real Property Management the chance to make your difficulties go away and make owning profitable and enjoyable for you once again.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

They looked cute they tasted

so so!
Not the worst tasting but definately not the best cupcake recipe we have ever tried. I won't be keeping this one that is for sure. They were a very dense cake, good flavor but very dense and we liked more light and fluffy :)
Red Lobster was YUM! I had Steak and Lobster Oscar oh so delish!
DH had the Ultimate Platter, he loves the crab legs but he prefers when I get them so I do all the cracking work and he helps with the tasting LOL! He did some but I finished them for him...hmmm should of said that was his bday present those suckers are tedious sometimes!
He didn't eat the cupcake we brought him but he ordered the chocolate cake (we shared) it was so rich! Very good but VERY rich! I was glad there was s scoop of vanilla to temper it some.
The kids, neither of which like seafood; went too they get the chicken dinners there and then DD'sF had the cheescake which had the most scrumtious strawberries on it - yep he let me have one! Super Good and I am thinking a trip there for a lite lunch followed by cheescake would be delightful fo rmy tastebuds! DD had a cookie thing with chocolate inside that was supposed to ooze out but wasn't heated quite enough for oozing LOL!
Anyway we all had a nice time!
Presents - yep there were some of them too ;)
The kids got him some golf shoes which he "needs" (kinda like I "need" craft stuff) and I am taking us to the race in Charlotte in October which will be exciting! We went to the speedway last time we were there and even got to drive on (well DH drove not me!) so now we will go watch the race there!