Friday, March 6, 2009

A Happy Birthday it was!

We picked up her car yesterday, she really likes it a lot and we (the parents) are so happy to have her in something safe and she looks sweeeeeeet! LOL She got an incredible deal and I will have to get some pics to share with you...yeah I am jealous she has heated seats, a moon roof and oodles and oodles of space in this car!

We had a fantastic dinner with Crepes, choice of syrup or strawberries and creme, eggs, choice of meats from bacon, sausage and scrapple. A piece of the yummy birthday cake (se above) and cookies and cream ice cream too! Sounds like a lot but everyone likes something different so we were aiming to please and of course to fill everyone's belly :) DD's fiance had never had crepes before so that was something new to him! Yum Yum Yum!

We watched a movie all together and then some of the Food network Ace of Cakes King of the Hill LOL!

Her bday present didn't arrive in time so her fiance and I made up a game she could ask us each 2 questions to try to figure it out .... LOL It was more like silly time but it was so nice to sit with them and laugh!

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