Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pampered Chef, Tupperware & where to go?

Anyone know a great Pampered Chef lady that is local to me so I can have a party? I used to have them all the time then my friend stopped selling for them and well since I have had a book party or two but mostly buy at the fair when they are there. Well dh and I used to have fabulous couple parties and we were talking about my broken stoneware and he said why don't we have a party again! Me thinks it is his way of saying he wants to show off the new grill he is getting more than anything LOL! But regardless I need to replace the stone he said let's do it so now we need to find a rep.

Anyone in Lorain or Medina counties and want to come help us have a party?

I was baking for the family birthday party yesterday (baking yesterday party today!) and came across some things that didn't make me to happy :( My Tupperware lids are cracked and broken. I have the square containers for storing flour and sugar and tebags and such and round ones for things like rice and spaghetti and the lids have cracks in them! At least 2 so far that I noticed. i round one and one of the sqaure ones. I need to replace them. I love those containers they are sturdy and not the usual flimsy stuff and have lasted a long while but the lids to crack is not good so I need replacements. Also would like to get some more of those smash down LOL that is what we call them know the ones that fold flat. Now I know I can get things online but I really would like to see the new stuff too and having a personal touch is nice so again anyone know of a Tupperware person in Lorain or Medina county area? We used to go with my aunt to this great bingo thing every once in awhile - I will have to see if anyone knows if they still do that. Tupperware bingo - lots of fun!

Where to go...DH and I would love to get away for a weekend, probably leave Friday after he gets off work and come home sometime on Sunday but where to go? He wants to go to a casino. We both like them and although we don't spend much we do have a good time. He was telling me about one in PA but that is like 7-8 hours away as it is in Mount Pocono unless we go to a racetrack/casino which I am not really that keen on. I don't really care for the horse racing on TV, now live is great but eh I can do without the tv simulcast stuff. Anywhooo we also thought about Mountaineer but again I am wondering isn't that a racetrack/casino? Anyone know anything about Greektown? What about Detroit? Are there others that are within say 5 hours of NE Ohio? Comments/ Feedback on any experiences anyone has had? Hotels ok? Food? other things to do or see in the area? We have been to Niagra Falls, been to Ontario but no we don't have passports so don't think we can do that now. Our favorite so far has been Tunica but alas that is just a wee bit too far for a weekend only get away LOL! I was scoping the flights to Vegas too as we both want to go but it is almost $500 a person and well then we would be able to play the penny slots only for about 5 pulls apiece ROFL so guess that will stay on the dream list for a bit! Unless you know an inside scoop on cheap flights/hotel for there.

yeah a lot of jibberish today but really if you can help me out with any of the above I would appreciate it immensly!

Ok off to the birthday party now!

Oh and Anna I redid the PB brownies and they are fantastical and the Fudge ones are ooey gooey chewy! I can't wait!

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