Sunday, March 22, 2009

Good Kitty...Bad Kitty

As you may or may not know my daughter talked me into finally getting her a kitty a couple years ago. Now mind you I had resisted since she was a very small child always saying no for one reason or another - mainly I am NOT an animal person. Sooo I kept seeing this sign along the way to work and I thought ok I am tired of the begging I will take her to look at them and then be done with it. We left with not just one but two kittens that day! Yeesh! They were so tiny and cute and! Just what she wanted! So we have to get them established with some house rules right...keep them in your room, I don't want a house full of cat hair....yeah ok that didn't last long even though she has a larger room it was clearly not enough space for two rambuncious kitties. So we agree not on the furniture - yeah that lasted a long time before they claimed the backs of the respected furniture for themselves. So we finally have come to some arrangements at least while people are home and can se them for the most part. Not on mom's couch and in the "man room" you can sleep wherever you can find room for your little ole self! LOL so meet Good kittie AKA Midnight who has claimed a large pillow, the back of dad's recliner and her spot in the "man room"

yeah just look through all the junk to find her LOL! THe blankets were all stacked up neatly but have since been arranged into cat beds of their liking!

Now Bad kitty here below aka Casper has up and decided that mom's couch and pillows are nice. I don't know why she suddenly thinks it is ok she is up there? I mean look at her just staring at me like what?!?!?! I had been telling her to get down for 5 minutes already. So now I spend my time chasing and shooing her off my couch and annoyed that my cream couch has black hairs all over it. Not to mention the pillows!

I just keep reminding myself ... they make my daughter happy and my dh loves them too.

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