Wednesday, March 4, 2009

They looked cute they tasted

so so!
Not the worst tasting but definately not the best cupcake recipe we have ever tried. I won't be keeping this one that is for sure. They were a very dense cake, good flavor but very dense and we liked more light and fluffy :)
Red Lobster was YUM! I had Steak and Lobster Oscar oh so delish!
DH had the Ultimate Platter, he loves the crab legs but he prefers when I get them so I do all the cracking work and he helps with the tasting LOL! He did some but I finished them for him...hmmm should of said that was his bday present those suckers are tedious sometimes!
He didn't eat the cupcake we brought him but he ordered the chocolate cake (we shared) it was so rich! Very good but VERY rich! I was glad there was s scoop of vanilla to temper it some.
The kids, neither of which like seafood; went too they get the chicken dinners there and then DD'sF had the cheescake which had the most scrumtious strawberries on it - yep he let me have one! Super Good and I am thinking a trip there for a lite lunch followed by cheescake would be delightful fo rmy tastebuds! DD had a cookie thing with chocolate inside that was supposed to ooze out but wasn't heated quite enough for oozing LOL!
Anyway we all had a nice time!
Presents - yep there were some of them too ;)
The kids got him some golf shoes which he "needs" (kinda like I "need" craft stuff) and I am taking us to the race in Charlotte in October which will be exciting! We went to the speedway last time we were there and even got to drive on (well DH drove not me!) so now we will go watch the race there!

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