Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cirque Dreams

Sunday we went to see Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy and it was fantastic!
The theater was full of color, sound, laughter and awe!
Here is a link to Cirque Productions where you can find out more about the show.
We had seats in the upper balcony and although we couldn't see the faces we could see the entire stage and all that was happening. It was amazing to see the talents of so many people performing together. The strength required to do some of, heck most all of the things they did was amazing! I loved the bright colors of the jungle and the differnt ways they portrayed the wildlife. They had emu's that made frequent appearances and although I don't really associate them with a jungle per say it worked!
All I can say is that we all enjoyed it from 5 years old through the adults! No one went away dissapointed. If you have the chance to go I highly suggest it. Actually ANY Cirque show is so worth seeing! My mom says she could be a Cirque junkie and you know what? I would be right there with her!
We are lucky in that the theater offers discounted tickets so we can attend shows..check out your's you never know you might be able to afford to treat the family to an awesome afternoon/evening of wonder!

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