Monday, April 13, 2009

held liable?

“Word-of-mouth marketing is not exempt from the laws of truthful advertising.”
—Richard Cleland, assistant director for the FTC’s division of advertising practices
I sooooo do not agree with this...most of the time I buy something based on someone elses experience. People ask me my take on a product and I give it to them. Who is the FTC to say that I am not able to offer up my experience for others to read BUT WAIT if they don't have the same experience then I am liable for that?
So I LOVE LOVE LOVE product A and use it everyday but a reader tries it and absolutely hates product A and it causes her some trouble/issue Said reader can now come back on me for making a false statement....NO WAY MAN I made a statement of my opinion of product A and that was it. I can't say it will do the same for you I am saying what it did for me and I LOVE it!
This seems specifically targeted at bloggers who get benefit from offering reviews but don't we all like to share what we like and don't like and hope that it makes it easier for another person to choose. I just don't get where it is ok for someone (FTC) to take away a basic freedom
Here is another bloggers rant if you care to read also. The more aware we all are the more we can express our displeasure at this absurd censorship they are considering!

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