Monday, January 19, 2009

Great Food For All

I don't know if you can really tell from this picture but there is a LOT of food here! Yes it is bulk and yes it is frozen in larger packages BUT it was all for only $30! Amazing and it looks yummy!
This was the basic package of food for the month of January from a new food co-op type place I found nearby. It is called Great Food For All. We have a ham - a whole ham! Not pieces parts or a small half but a whole one - we can get several meals from this alone! Enough broccoli for us to get probably 2-3 meals with. I think 2 sides and one I use the broccoli in with some of the ham maybe :) There is a package of chili cheese stuff which is enough for at least 2 meals. I plan to use half with some cream cheese and Cheddar and make a dip for game night :) There were onion rings, fish planks, a peach pie, Creamed corn blend that has some other stuff in for a little zing (am thinking this might make a good soup or use in my cornbread recipe!) breaded chicken breasts (will make 2 meals with leftovers for lunches for of which will be chix parmesan!) baked beans (probably have chix pattie sandwiches with this!) and frozen bread dough for rolls!

We also purchased the kids pack - dh and dd like the corn dogs (blech!) and chicken nuggets they said were in there. Well instead of chicken nuggets they were those spicy chix fries thing - dd loved that! Also had some rice crispie treats, another bag of breaded chix patties and a package of hot dogs! So combining the 2 we got a ton of stuff! This second package was under $20 Definately got our monies worth and some good staples to pair with other ingredients for ssome tasty menu's! Maybe have half the beans with the dogs and some of the chili stuff for a picnic night, add some cottage cheese or even some chips and grab a pack of buns and we are good to go! Another thing to do with the breaded chix patties is to layer them (like lasagna with cheese ravioli and sauce, top with a little shredded mozzarella and you have a tasty dish! Salad on the side rounds it out quite nicely!

Oh I am sure I forgot something that was in the package but it was so worth it. Next month we are going to give the Angel Food a try - it is another foood program. You can check the menu's out online so we just look and choose the best one and that is who we go with for the month. If you have a larger freezer it is worth it to do both (if you like the foods included that month) They also offer a senior package that would be ideal for lunch packers too! Then each has the add on packages like the kids pack above they are all different and taylored to specific themes. Anyway just wanted to share and let you know there are good options out there for these tight money times! Groceries is easy way to save with packages like this and COUPONS! LOL

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Anna Banana said...

Thank you so much for posting about this!!
While I can't get Great Food for All in my area, there is a local Angelfood distributor the next town over.
I will be talking to Kirby about this tonight and will probably be placing an order!

Thanks again!!