Monday, January 12, 2009

RV's, Snow and RENT

Friday dh and I went to the RV show and walked and walked and walked! There were TONS of RV's from small pop ups to small hard tops to HUGE drivers and more there! There was even one we could go up to the SECOND yes I said SECOND story and stand fully upright to look out the windows all around the sitting room! AMAZING the things you can get in an RV. I think there really are no bounds if you can dream it someone has done it or is working on doing it now to get the option out there to all the RV'rs. We did find a couple we liked, one especially with a small slide out section but it is beyond our reach right now. We really do want to downsize from our 32 TT to something more portable and can be towed with our truck. It is just he and I now so there is really no need for something as big as we have. We'll see....
SNOW SUCKS as my friend tells me when I see her logged into chat. I have to agree I really just don't like it...the toes never being warm...slipping and sliding everywhere....not being able to go places for fear of drifted snow and getting stranded or in an accident....I really really dislike it! More than snow though I really really don't like that we seem to get iced over a LOT! and then we get snow so we are often in a very precarious state with that layer of ice under fresh snow and you really end up slipping and sliding! YUK!

Last night my daughter and I went to see RENT. It was a fun night and we really enjoyed the show. On the way out we got turned around so we ended up heading out of the city the wrong way but it was kinda cool cause we got to see some places I remembered from childhood and places I wanted to show her so we just enjoyed the tourist route. LOL!
Oh that's about all for is Monday and back to work I am.

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