Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Movie, the day from He** and so on

my hubby and I went to see the movie Seven Pounds on Sunday afternoon. I had heard good things about it on the local radio station so I wanted to go. I knew it was the end we were all waiting for but I don't think hubby did. It started off slow...as in hubby was having a hard time staying awake but then again he loves his naps LOL! but then it became a whole twisted plot and you were wondering what is he doing? You were having to watch now to see what was going on. Oh my it did indeed deliver in the end and I am glad we went to see it! I think I might like to get it on DVD when it is released as there were several things we didn't pick up but then in talking about we figured out LOL! Yeah I don't want to give it away so I am talking all topsy turvy about it! he he

Afterwards we went to a new place for dinner. It was a pub & grille so I expected with the football games on it would be busy...it wasn't which was ok with me :) We had a coupon for $10 off a $20 purchase so we looked over and over and over the menu to see what to get. Hubby got a steak wrap, a cheese quesadilla for an appetier to share and I got the appetizer garlic parmesan wings for my meal. Well we were almost done with the appetizer whent he waitress comes out and says we are out of garlic - do you want another flavor of wings. hmmm NO I DON"T I WANTED GARLIC 9in my head this is happening) outloud I say umm no I will pick something else, she was kind enough to give me the menu back to look over. She comes back and says well the wings are almost done are you sure you just don't want another flavor? No I don't thank you. I ordered a patty melt :( Not really what I wanted and I ended up only eating half of it and took the rest home - it was bland. Course maybe just cause I didn't want it was why as I do like patty melts normally. Anyway I was bummed we used a good coupon for so so food and although the prices were relatively inexpensive I am not sure we will go back again I mean come on HOW DOES A PLACE RUN OUT OF GARLIC?????? Plus it was pasta night for them so reall to run out they should of been prepared. Ok thanks for letting me vent....

Monday was the day from HE** I had to try to do some updating for our accounting program at work to get ready for the new year and to make sure the right taxes and such were working and give guys their vacation time - would it work?!?!?! NOPE nothing was working and the program's tech support was so busy...on hold for hours and still no solution. Yeah for me I get to go back into this tomorrow too and try again! :( grrrrr I hate end of year!

Today my day off had a list of things I needed to get done and places to go, was all set to hop in the shower and get moving and looked outside again....SNOW....everywhere! YUK!!!
As my friend said today SNOW SUCKS!

ughhh so that is what has been going on here LOL how about with you?


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