Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hello I found my way back!

WOW it has been almost a month since I blogged - I apologize. Seems like a lot has been going on but yet not really...time just keeps rolling on by!

So what have I been up to? Well let's see...

I've been shopping with my dd for her wedding dress, we found some things we like and some we don't and are going to actually end up having the gown made. A little of this one and some of that one and then this and that added too :) Fun Fun Fun!!! We also went to a bridal show and learned a lot of what we don't want and saw some fresh new things we would love to have included. Yeah I keep saying we but she is making the decisions I just happen to like the ones she is yeah and nay"ing".

Hmmm we went to Charlotte for the race in the middle of October and made a vacation of it, staying with my SIL. Had a wonderful time and for sure didn't want to come home even though it was unseasonable COLDDDDDD while we were there!

After we got home I found out my boss was cutting my hours at work...NOT PLEASED WITH THIS AT ALL...NOR WITH HOW IT WAS HANDLED. But since I am wanting to find employment no bashing will be going on here I surely don't want it hanging over my head. So yes I am looking for employment part or full time preferably days so I can still see my family and help my daughter with wedding planning. If anyone knows of something please message me. I would love to find something I can do from home, please only something tried and true not a scam Make Money at Home plan please.

Let's see what else...well we went to a fish fry and a monthly drawing and then the next night was Halloween and we went to a Costume party and there was a band. Then it was my birthday and my dd took me to lunch and then my dh came home and spent the evening with me just watching a show here but he stayed awake! LOL

We've also been playing darts and Wii Bowling, mostly I just bowl cause the darts hurt my fingers/hand too badly. Dang carpel tunnel :( I've also been crafting when I can and working on Guest Design things, Design Team things and my Creative Council stuff. It all keeps me busy and usually the time flies right by.

Ok so I'll be back tomorrow with the Thursday Thunks! See ya then!


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