Saturday, June 21, 2008


Last night I came home expecting a pretty quiet night and just hanging out in SL or maybe watching a movie. Well the whole lot next door to me a field down the road and across the street and then my own front lot were filling up with cars. I couldn't figure out what the heck was going on so I of course ask DD she knows everything LOL! She tells me there is a hot air balloon thing going on. So we see this guy blocking off a section so people don't park and we yell down to him (it was kinda funny he could hear us but didn't know where the voices were coming from - poor man was looking around thinking the air was talking!) Anyway he tells us about it and I think cool that will be fun to watch out the window. So I do and I got several good pics which I am sharing a few with you. The rest are uploaded to my MySpace photo's section. The pictures were literally taken with the screen up in my window and me looking out and in some cases leaning out beyond the window ledge to get a clearer view but I did not walk over there it was tooooooooooo crowded!


the first one off the ground :)

out the front window of the house when I figured out where they were headed :)

Ambulance and fire crews were on standby during the entire thing. I zoomed this (obviously) but look at how cool the balloon looks while it is filling.

They flew over in a V pattern and beyond those trees way in the distance is a small airport which is were I am assuming htey landed. They they deflated and trucked themselves back over here and reinflated for the night when they did a cool light up thing - but no good pics of that :( It was like sparking fireflies everywhere and you could hear the fire on and off - it was really cool!

this was my favorite one out of the ones that were here. I liked the moon and shooting stars! It looked awesome at night lit up too!

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