Friday, June 20, 2008

blah blah blah

I am looking for ways to make money to help with our income or lack there of at home lately. The economy is tanking regardless of what they say in the media I am living it, no one wanting to spend money on fixing their cars because they can't afford the gas to drive them anyway less work is available for my dh which is making it hard to just make the ends meet let alone have anything extra. I worry about where it will come from what to cut back on, is there anything else we can cut back on and how to get everyone in the family to cooperate with spending limits.
I thought this summer would be a new beginning of life for me and so far it has not been new but rather as if I have stumbled into a horror house or something of that sorts. Never know what might be around the next curve to "get" me. I can't even prevent it I am on the ride and can't stand up or stop it to get off. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
yeah so today's ramble is that life pretty much sucks right now

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ahhhhhhhhhhh! is this how you found me? :) :)
I just posted a bunch of ways that I save money, you may want to check it out, thanks for letting me know about the pay per post and I love your scrapping blog BTW AWESOME WIN YOU HAD!