Sunday, June 22, 2008


Took dh and dd and her bf to the Carousel today. We saw Damn Yankees. Wasn't really thrilled with it - as on I wouldn't go see it again but I had a nice time and always enjoy the trips there. They are having a great show coming up Viaggio which is a Circ show I believe. I would love to go to that. I told dd she could buy me that for my bday present even the cheaper test run night would be fine for me LOL! We'll see if she does or not. I know it is kinda expensive :( Too bad adding the long drive on makes it almost out of reach anymore with gas added on.

The storms today on the way down were horrible, I was white knuckling the door handle arm rest thingy! I was glad dh was driving and NOT me! They were saying tornado's and here we are riding right into it! Glad we arrived safe and sound and dh being in a chivalrous mood even dropped us off under the overhang and then parked and walked back in the rain. When I am at my last nerve he goes and does something like that which then reminds me why I like the man LOL! I think life gets to overwhelming sometimes and it is good to get away and relax and hopefully let go of some of the things that are building up and bothering you.

ok so I am tired now so off to read a bit before bed....


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