Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What happened to yesterday?

Tuesday is my night by myself to do what I want usually. dh golfs and dd has band practice. So I normally play my computer game or read. I did play my game last night and then I did read too LOL! SO I managed to do both favorites in one night. I just read a really cool mystery called Naked Came the Phoenix which is a book written by many authors. This isn't the first of this type I have read but I did enjoy this one quite a bit more than any others. You ought to check it out if you enoy mysteries and aren't snobbishly stuck on one author's writing style
Today is a bid due date for me at work so I am patiently waiting for my boss to give me the final numbers and then I will be taking off to the bid meeting to see what happens. We really need to win one of these as we keep working them up and turning them in but not winning. The market is so competative right now it is cut throat!
see you later :)

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