Wednesday, October 22, 2008

busy night

Last night I ended up at the $ store buying containers and some other odds and ends so that I could get to the grocery store for the Tuesday only deals to make some meals to stash in the freezer. Our house is so crazy with everyone coming and going at different times and we rarely get to eat all together at the same time lately so I figured if I cooked some of our meals ahead and then packaged them like frozen meals it wouldn't matter what time you go thome you could pop something in the freezer and have a home cooked meal still :)
Too often it seemed we were relying on Frozen pizza's or stopping off at a fast food place or something (well not me but the other two LOL!) and that gets expensive!
I have done this in the past and we always seem to do well with it spending less time on the weekends shopping or trying to make a grocery list or whatever and the biggest plus is we generally spend less at the grocery when I buy and cook in bulk!
That is a BIG plus right now with a reduction in income. :(
So last night I planned to cook 2 meals but, actually ended up with 3! I made a Mexican bake with Spanish rice on the side, Rigatoni with meat sauce and cheese topping (garlic bread slices in the freezer to go in the toaster oven while you heat the meal up! plus salad fixings to complete the meal) I ended up with too much rice so I mixed in a little ground beef made Enchilada's out of the leftovers which ended up to be a whole nother dinner. Yeah me!
Today there is a pork roast in the crock pot that I will cut for one meal and do with roasted potatoes and shred the rest to use to make hot pork sandwiches (you know the ones you load with mashed potatoes and then gravy over the top! YUM!!!!) and then I also have chicken marinating that I will make and have with some broccoli for another set of ready made meals. So I will have stocked my freezer with enough to last us for a bit.
Basically we will just add a veggie/salad and there we have it dinner in a minute!
(or few minutes anyway he he!)

If you have any good freezer/reheatable recipes please share - I am always looking for new ones to try.

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