Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I have been sick since last week, started on Thursday evening with the sniffles and then Friday woke up with a sore throat :( Progressed to a full blown cold after that :( The sinus pressure was enough to make me feel like my head would explode! Yeesh! After going through no less than 2 boxes of kleenex, a whole package of Tylenol Severe Cold and half a box of nighttime Tylenol Cold I am finally feeling human again! I do hate the change in the seasons and from mild temps one day to down right shivering the next! UGhhhhhhhh. I even missed my brothers birthday this past weekend laid around in my jammies with cups of tea practically all weekend. While that would normally be a treat it was barely all I could do. Anyway I was able to be up and moving some last night and for that I was thankful. Today we are going shopping to pick up the supplies for a dinner we are serving on Friday and I am hoping I can last all day and evening to accomplish that without being worn out LOL!
Please don't forget to vote for my dd's photo's (above) if you can - we have moved her from cold to warm status so now let's shoot for moving it to HOT status! Thanks for taking the time!

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