Monday, October 20, 2008

What the heck?

We generally have our gas service shut off in the warmer months as it costs more to "sleep run" it than to pay the reconnect fee in the fall to get it back on so of course we did that again this year. Wham it got cold so I thought hmm ought to get it warm again so I never called well with the temps holding in the 50's at night I figure it is time to get it on again especially since I have twice now had to scrape my car in the AM from the frost! So today I call, pay my reconnect fee, get my confirmation # press the button (a gazillion times) to get to a LIVE person and then she goes well we can come today or not until the 30th. Ummm cold today so yeah today please come! She says ok let me get you on the schedule and I will let you know what time frame. wait wait wait.... Ok all set now you have to make sure someone is there to let them in between now and midnight. WHAT???? Now and midnight? I am at work lady I can't be there now...she asks if I want to change to the 30th and I say what time frame for then she replies between 8 AM and Midnight. Hello I don't want some person coming to my house that late at night to light a pilot YEESH! I tell her no keep it today and I will figure something out. I call my BIL he doesn't answer - I think today is his day my dd she is working at 11 today so no that doesn't my boss and tell him and he says ok well see you later then. Soooooooo here I sit waiting on a gas person to come in inspect my furnace and then light the pilot light.
Ho Hum...
Now I am sitting here running figures in my head wondering if we come out ahead or this costs me since I am missing work...should of left the dang thing "sleep run" all summer I think!

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