Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Eyeglasses for $15 US

Yes in today's "broken" economy we need to save where ever we can
but save NOT sacrifice!


Optical 4 Less offers an amazing amount of choice in the world of eyeglasses for surprisingly affordable prices! There are so many choices you could easily get a new pair for each day of the week for the same price you would pay at a local optical store for just one single pair. Why be bored with the same frames every day? Switch them out for something hip, cheery or funky to fit your mood or color choice of the day! Pink oval frames one day and rounded wire frames another, with Optical4Less it is easy and affordable!

Optical 4 Less offers amazing frames from as low as $15 US. Plastic frames, wire frames, Avatar style, rounded frames, even bendable frames which are awesome for the child or sport player in your family! You can even get prescription sunglasses there for a fraction of the cost you would pay elsewhere! Why continue to pay outlandish prices for the same frames elsewhere, save some money still get quality and enjoy the few extra dollars you save in your pocket!

Don’t forget too if you purchase more than one pair you get FREE shipping too! Now that is a clincher for me!


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