Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gratitude Day Twenty-Eight, Twenty-Nine & Thirty

Well I have been lax in posting the end of my list and for that I apologize. We have had a rough week. What was to be a time of vacation and relaxation for my dh turned into not such a good time. A very close friend of his passed away suddenly last week and he has been rather down in the dumps about it. Coming to terms with loss and figuring out how to continue to cope with that void will be a process and I this week was just a start. The funeral was yesterday and while that does bring some closure there is still emptiness there and I can only hope we can fill it with other happiness and good memories!
So the balance of my list I am adding POPCORN! I am thankful for this fun to eat, yummy treat that I can have whenever I want and however I want, plain with salt, with butter, with seasoning, cheese topping chocolate or whatever else I dream up LOL!
I am adding dvd's and family time as I am thankful for nights like we had last week when all of us watched movies together and ate pizza and just enjoyed each other's company.
and finally to round out my list I am thankful fo rthe internet as without it I would be without many friends and ideas! Thanks to the WWW for linking the world together!
I hope you have kept a list too and just because we hit 30 (our pledged # of days) don't stop - remember to be thankful for things ALWAYS - even the little ones. It will bring you muchjoy to focus on those things!
1.) I am thankful for SAG!
2.) Warm Cozy Socks!
3.) My Eyes
4.) My Daughter
5.) Books
6.) My Job
7.) My Husband
8.) blogs!
9.) Friends, Music & Food!
10.) Laughter!
11.) the delete key
12.) my Mom!
13.) the Flag
14.) flowers
15.) Small Towns
16.) Garbage Bags :)
17.) Cell Phones & Text Messaging
18.) Mail Order
19.) my gloves!
20.) sweater weather
21.) In-Laws
22.) Racing
23.) comfortable car
24.) Having Enough
25.) Freebies
26.) Rubber Stamps
27.) Steals & Deals
29.) DVD's and family time
30.) the internet


J Leona said...

Hi Karyn!

I'm your swap-bot partner from I Love Your Blog Swap~4! Your blog is so positive and happy! :) I like your list of gratitude. We tend to forget the little things that without those things we would go insane!

Off to check out your other blog now!

mE said...

Hi Karyn!

Thanks for playing along with the Gratitude Challenge! I love your list!

Inky Smiles!