Monday, December 1, 2008

Gratitude Days Twenty thru Twenty-Five

Well we are back from vacation and I am catching up the missing days from my list!
Twenty: The weather in NC was GORGEOUS - definitely my favorite with cool enough to wear sweaters or a light jacket and not have to be bundled up like a weeble wobble LOL! I was sad to have to return to the bitter cold, snow/rain/sleet that is home :(
So I am thankful for sweater weather!
Twenty-One: In-Laws! ROFL I know many people aren't so thankful for them but I am - I have a wonderful SIL and two fantastic nieces who have now grown up and one has some little ones herself who are absolutely adorable even if they are on the mischievous side! ROFL
Twenty-Two: Racing! It is one thing my dh and I both enjoy watching together and I was glad for a nice day Saturday so he was able to go walk around the race track and he even got to drive on it too! If you could only of seen his grin!
Twenty-Three: A comfortable car to ride in when on long trips. I was the passenger the entire time and got to take in the beauty of the mountains all around us and watch the wildlife, yep even the HUGE buck that tried to take my car out when he decided to run down the side of the mountain! Thankfully hubby made enough noise slamming the brakes on that the buck turned his hiney around and went right back up the mountain!
Twenty-Four: Having Enough, enough food to feed my family, enough money to pay the bills (this week anyway) enough gas in my car to get to work, enough warmth to keep me from freezing, enough light to read my book and so on....
Twenty-Five: I have been snagging freebies for some time now - you know the samples you can order or get in stores and other places so I am thankful for them as I package up a box to go to troops over seas. I try to send things they can have at least a moment of indulgance from. Something that smells nice, a fresh tube of chapstick, maybe a treat or whatever else i can find to put into the box.

1.) I am thankful for SAG!
2.) Warm Cozy Socks!
3.) My Eyes
4.) My Daughter
5.) Books
6.) My Job
7.) My Husband
8.) blogs!
9.) Friends, Music & Food!
10.) Laughter!
11.) the delete key
12.) my Mom!
13.) the Flag
14.) flowers
15.) Small Towns
16.) Garbage Bags :)
17.) Cell Phones & Text Messaging
18.) Mail Order
19.) my gloves!
20.) sweater weather
21.) In-Laws
22.) Racing
23.) comfortable car
24.) Having Enough
25.) Freebies

As my list gets longer I find I am having a hard time thinking of just one thing to say...there is so much everyday I am thankful for and this is surely getting me to think about it and appreciate the smallest things so much more in my life! I am glad I found this challenge!

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