Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gratitude Day Eighteen & Nineteen

For day Eighteen I am thankful for Mail Order so I don't HAVE to go stand in crowded stores and battle to get good deals for Christmas presents. Now I may choose to do so still as I will be going away for Thanksgiving and not sure what is planned at our destination but I am thankful I don't HAVE to and can choose to stay inside and warm if I like :)
Day Nineteen I wake to SNOW - YUK!!!!!! so I am glad I had warm gloves to slide on and keep my fingers from freezing :)
As I said I am going away for the holiday here and won't be posting till I get back so will catch up several days at once again! Have a lovely Thanksgiving everyone!
1.) I am thankful for SAG!
2.) Warm Cozy Socks!
3.) My Eyes
4.) My Daughter
5.) Books
6.) My Job
7.) My Husband
8.) blogs!
9.) Friends, Music & Food!
10.) Laughter!
11.) the delete key
12.) my Mom!
13.) the Flag
14.) flowers
15.) Small Towns
16.) Garbage Bags :)
17.) Cell Phones & Text Messaging
18.) Mail Order
19.) my gloves!

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