Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gratitude Day Fourteen, Fifteen & Sixteen

Oh where does the time go to? I think I am on top of things and then wham it is like the days disappear! So here I go catching up again today :)

Day Fourteen I am thankful for flowers - seeing them, smelling them... makes me happy and makes me NOT think about the dreadful white stuff fluttering around!

Day Fifteen I am grateful I live in a small town off the beaten path and that I can drive as slow as I want in the SNOW without anyone bothering me! ughhhh I really really dislike snow and ice covered roads.

Day Sixteen I am grateful for garbage bags LOL! So I can clean the mess up and not have to look at it again! LOL I am cleaning up the huge piles we seem to accumulate and no one ever knows what to do with so while everyone else is at work I am decluttering! Thank goodness the bags are black I can just tell hubby to take them to the curb on garbage day and he won't be nosing in thinking he needs to keep this that or the other thing! ROFL!


1.) I am thankful for SAG!
2.) Warm Cozy Socks!
3.) My Eyes
4.) My Daughter
5.) Books
6.) My Job
7.) My Husband
8.) blogs!
9.) Friends, Music & Food!
10.) Laughter!
11.) the delete key
12.) my Mom!
13.) the Flag
14.) flowers
15.) Small Towns
16.) Garbage Bags :)

1 comment:

The Jillybean said...

Yeah, I am thankful for black garbage bags as well! I do the same thing while everyone is gone during the day.