Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gratitude Day Eleven, Twelve & Thirteen

My apologies for not setting the auto posts and rather than bombard with multiple posts today I will just simply combine them together for the past few days!

It seems that much has happened and on Monday I was thankful for my "delete" key...I sometimes wish it would extend to real life too kinda like the Staples Easy Button LOL!

Tuesday brought a little more calm to things but a lot of unanswered questions so I choose to focus on someone I am very thankful mom! It was her birthday and I took her to dinner and enjoyed spending time with her alone. Hope you had a happy birthday Mom!

Today I am thankful for our flag that flies big and proud in the sky! I had to drive into the city today to attend to some business and I saw the flag perched atop the interstate lights and it was flowing in the wind so beautifully! Reminds me that even though things aren't going well in the US right now that people fought for the privileges we have here and I am thankful for that small reminder ... the flag that I see in so many different places each day!

1.) I am thankful for SAG!
2.) Warm Cozy Socks!
3.) My Eyes
4.) My Daughter
5.) Books
6.) My Job
7.) My Husband
8.) blogs!
9.) Friends, Music & Food!
10.) Laughter!
11.) the delete key
12.) my Mom!
13.) the Flag

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