Saturday, June 20, 2009

Burnt Toast, Asian Noodles and Blogoversary

Love toast especially when I can have fresh made jam on top of it. So since I have been making jam toast sounded like a great breakfast - durn toaster burnt it though :(

Asian Noodles with Peanut and Sesame - Yummmmm NOT at least not what I ended up with. Some kind of spice in them and they weren't that appetizing. I picked out the crab and zucchini I had added and ate that instead.

If it weren't for Teena in Toronto noting that today is my Blogoversary I don't think I would of remembered LOL! So thanks Teena!

Dang I hope dinner and the evening is better than the rest of the day so far!

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Anna Banana said...

Happy Blogaversary!!
Sorry about the disappointing food today :( that sucks.

But you HAVE inspired me to have breakfast - MMmmmmmm Toast and Jam!!

Anna Banana