Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer Treat Give-Away

I love Yoplait yogurts and they come in a ton of varieties! The whips are pretty darn awesome for a frozen treat. YES I mean put it in your freezer let it get good and firm and then pop it out for a delightfully refreshing treat! My favorite is the Orange Creme but oh the Chocolate Mousse is heavenly too! Oh and then there is Key Lime....well you get the picture :)

Anyway my friend Jyl who is the owner of Post-It Place is having a great
give away right now for this:

now how awesome would that be to make some awesome yogurt Popsicles to enjoy while doing some heavy duty summer relaxing! LOL I would love it! I think what I would love most is the color changing spoons though ROFL yep there is still some little kid in there yearning to get out!

So do you want a chance (even though I AM GOING TO WIN THIS!!!!{fingers crossed}) you can have a chance by going {here} and leaving the information she asks for to be entered.

Good Luck!


P.S. don't forget to check out The Post-It Place as she has other give-aways going on that you might be interested in too PLUS her blog is just pretty darn cool and you ought to be reading it anyway!

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