Monday, September 15, 2008


my parents 40th anniversary was yesterday and we celebrated with them by having a Caribbean themed dinner party. I had ordered a cake but my cake lady backed out on me :( so I did some research, talked to a friend and decided I would go ahead and give it a try to make a cake for them. Well I know I can bake, I know I can make a good filling and I can.....well dream I guess LOL! This sure didn't turn out the way I intended and I ended up leaving it home for us to have and bought a cake from the local bakery to take with us to the party! I wanted a fondant covered cake, well that was the easy part actually I made the fondant during the week and it was fun and went well! So Sat I went to the store because I couldn't find my round cake pans anywhere and I figured rather than stress about it I will just go to "the Walmart" and buy a set. I found some and kept thinking I had a 10 inch round (the one I had found) at home so I got an 8 and a 6 and was going to make a topsy turvy cake for them with fun Caribbean colors! Well as you can see that is not what happened! :(

The marbling was ok I was happy with that - the fading to pink was not cool though and once I got home I had no other food color (yeah where is it like it got up and walked away or something I have no clue!) the cake doesn't look right cause 2 layers are the same size, we had some trouble with the dowel rods too and one started to poke through as the cake "settled" overnight and a portion of it ripped when I was moving it so my fix stuck out like a sore thumb!! It was like a comedy of errors! Anyway it ended up to be a good thing that I didn't take it as my filling was raspberry and come to find out one of my Uncles that was there can't have nuts & seeds so that would of not been good! DH, DD and I are looking forward to eating this one and sharing with some friends who could care less what it looks like as long as it tastes good! ROFL! Oh and the leftover fondant well took that with me and gave it to my niece and nephew for edible play dough! Hope they have fun!

I don't think I will be fondanting (hmm is that a word?) again any time soon although it was very therapudic to knead the fondant to the desired consistancy! he he

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