Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I DID enjoy it!

well a couple people have asked me if I really did have fun this past weekend or if I was just saying that. They said the bugs and historical place and then a steak dinner didn't really sound like a fun and romantic way to celebrate an anniversary.

Yes it was!

The historical village isn't one of dust and ruins it is a live working street of shops with demonstrations like candle making, tin stamping, cheese and wine shops, gardening, and so many other things I can't even remember them all to tell you. It is a place to walk hand and hand and explore the past mixed with some present and plenty of shopping and treats for the body as well as the eye. The bugs well they are just ewwwww and part of the outdoor thing...the climb was worth it for the view at the top. I admit I could of done without the prickers and getting my finger attacked by them but hey it happens! I am all good now you can just barely see one of the cuts now! All is good! As for steak dinner well it was romantic also, served in a dark restaurant, live music and it tasted delicious! So yes it was a wonderful time and to tell the truth it was a super great weekend because I didn't have to do anything cept be there :) He planned! Do you get it HE PLANNED! that is enough in itself!

So thanks for all the well wishes...I DID enjoy it!

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