Monday, September 1, 2008

the weekend...

was wonderful :)

We got up and left early on Saturday going out to breakfast. Remember the place I said didn't have my grits well dh convinced me to go there again and they did have them this time - apparently I was not the only one who missed them LOL! anyway that was a nice surprise and I also had a cheese and tomato omelet. Then we hopped back into the truck and headed south on the highway - I still didn't know where we were going. DH got off at the next exit which happened to be the Outlet Mall so I was kinda grinning thinking we were going there but NOPE he turned the other direction LOL. SO we were off for a drive apparently as I know there isn't a whole lot along the way other than winding hills and Amish area. Beautiful drive it was! I was content with just that part! We ended up going to the area where dh hunts he wanted to show me the land and we hiked up to see the top. I got attacked by pricker bushes and ants! YIKES! After that we drove into the town and got a hotel, dropped out bags off and went to get a bit of lunch. We looked at some brochures we had snagged at the hotel and also ones that were ont eh placemat. Decided we would just go back to a nearby restored historical village that also houses shops and spend the afternoon there. We walked from store to store and looked around, picked up a few odds and ends along the way, gathered ideas for things we could make too and then headed back to the hotel as he was taking me out for a steak dinner and then to see a band. We had a great time and I was glad he had taken the time to plan the trip. We went to a HUGE picnic on Sunday and he played some horseshoes and cornhole. Good food, friends and then came home and watched a show before heading off to bed. Wasn't late but being out in the sun all day really tired me out! LOL. I hope that he plans another weekend away he did a darn good job for never having done this before! I hope it is signs of change! All in all it was a nice anniversary.

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