Friday, August 29, 2008

Sun is shining today!

Today the sun is shining it is beautiful out!
I am glad since yesterday was overcast and gloomy all day. I am hoping that the Weatherperson was correct with their weekend forecast and it will be nice the entire weekend, with plenty of sun, warm temps in the day cool temps in the favorite time of the year :) Maybe I will even be lucky to see some pretty colors of fall while out too - I know it is early but the leaves are already changing here.
So my arm....the Dr. manipulated and moved it and stretched it and what not leaving me wincing as he did so. He is not quite sure he said the fact that the location that hurts leads him to say tendinitis, the fact that it is hurting in multiple muscle locations makes him go hmmmm. So he gave me an RX, some therapy suggestions and said to call him next week if it isn't any better or still is bothering me and we will dig deeper. Kinda felt like duh!!!!!!!!!!! been doing that but hey you gotta follow the steps right so I am doing it.
Going away this weekend and I am not sure if I am excited, nervous, scared, curious or a combination of all of that plus other stuff. It is our 18th anniversary and well we normally just steal off to our camper for the weekend or go out to dinner at Red Lobster. No this year dh has something up his sleeves and basically I have been told to take a few clothes and wear comfortable shoes AND NOT WORRY ABOUT IT!
This is the first time he has ever done anything like this so I have no clue what to expect! Soooo.... I will fill you on what he planned and what we did next week.
Meanwhile I have some news that has been making me smile all week and I can't wait to share with you so look for a post Monday or Tuesday with that info too!
he he :) I like being the secret keeper more than I like being the secret kept frommer!

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