Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What's your Bill IQ


I took this test over at Bills IQ and found that I have some things I need to deal with LOL - don't we all! No that isn't my score picture above although I hope it is one day if not even better! Actually my score was very low which is kind of scary and I was offered some tools to help with that. Something they suggest I consider is Debt consolidation however I really do not have a lot of debt per say other than vehicles which due to the economy has become a struggle sometimes. I am past the half way point so I will continue on as my research has shown at this point it would not be in my best financial interest to make a change. There is a wealth of information at Bills IQ that you can benefit from though and I will be checking some of it out for myself as well. They offer Debt relief information, Debt help information, or perhaps you struggle with Credit card debt, there are plans and information that can help you with all of these things at Bills IQ. Maybe you need some help with Credit counseling or perhaps to Consolidate debt. It is all there just click on the link and take your own Bill IQ test and get going from there! It is simple, easy and eye opening to say the least! Perhaps things have gotten too far out of hand and you are considering Bankruptcy well go and check out what they have to say and see if there is an alternative or at least let Bills IQ guide you along. Remember BillsIQ can help in many areas of your financial picture, give them a chance! Give your self a chance and get help before it is too late!
I learned that I need to be more aggressive in my savings to reach my goals for retirement someday as well as be more frugal about my spending habits and socking away my rainy day fund. Keep making on time payments and pay down that debt with any extra income that I come across. Of course knowing and doing are two vastly different things so my focus needs to be on applying these strategies to my personal life to reach my goals.

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