Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Today I discovered RoboForm2Go - so ok some of you already know about this little beauty or perhaps one of the other form fillers but for me it was something I didn't have and finally decided I needed after the 9th or 10th sweepstake entry and typing everything in again and again LOL! So today I downloaded onto my USB device so I can take it back and forth to work with me!
What this little guy does is fill my forms in with information I gave it so I simply have to click a button instead of type it all out over and over. Now some of course ask other questions you have to fill them in too. Don't get in the habit of clicking through you might miss something that disqualifies you! That would stink!
It put a bar at the top of my page that I didn't like I mean come on way to advertise to everyone and their brother that I was filling out forms when I should of been doing something else LOL so I quickly discovered that you can put that bar away and just click on it through the docked items by the clock :) YEAH ME!
I have been giving it a work out and storing some passwords although not all since if I lose it I don't want all my info to be a free for all. I also set up a long time ago a dummy email for contests so I am not slammed with SpAm* so that is the email info that it is storing for me so even if someone gets it they really don't have me just my junk email they are welcome to it anytime!
So do you use RoboForm2Go or some other program? What are your thoughts? Any tips or tricks you want to pass on? Now off to enter more contests! There are a TON out there!

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