Tuesday, August 19, 2008

So much happening

Oh my so much has been going on I don't even know where to start! We went to a Mexican Fiesta on Saturday which was very fun! Good Food Good Friends...what more do you need :)
My dh played horseshoes which he loves and doesn't get to play too often anymore due to lack of a partner - I pretty much stink at that game LOL! We stayed in our camper finally - although there is still work to do it is going to be a long drawn out thing I imagine only doing as we have the money a little at a time :( Dang animals and nature caused quite a few problems!
On Sunday I got to spend time with my Gramma who was visiting us - I love her so much and am glad she was able to come to see all the family for a bit...I wish it could be longer...
Then on the way home my dh surprised me saying he got concert tickets to go to see Vince Gill on Monday night at our county fair. Not just tickets let me tell you but box seats and we were practically dead center! It was an acoustic night and very informal yet it was wonderful cause he talked about the songs and why he wrote them or what inspired them and joked with the audience through out the entire performance. I really enjoyed it quite a bit...as well as the cabbage and noodles on the way in and the funnel cake on the way out! LOL! Not sure but we might go over one more day for the combine derby and I think then I might have to get another fair favorite the fried cheese stick although I did see this year also fried cheese curds so.... maybe I'll try them instead! This will be my fill of fried food for some time as my stomach doesn't handle it to well all the time. Oh yeah and I saw fried pickles there last night too!

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