Thursday, August 28, 2008

sore arm

Today is a rather rainy day here - overcast that spitty rain just enough to make it miserable out :( I know we need it but man do I love the cool sunshiny days we have been having!
I have been struggling with a soreness in my arm for several weeks now and today I can finally get into the Dr's to have it checked out. I can't put my arm out straight and if you put your arms out in front of your body facing up, the palm is usually flat. Well NO NOT MINE :( it is turned to almost a full 90 degrees to the side. This is NOT good. I can't grip well, can't straighten it, can't bend it certain ways and get shooting pains sometimes when I move it certain ways. Has really put a damper on things so enough is enough - have to get it looked at. Please keep me in your prayers as this is my "dominant" hand and to not be able to use it is a PITA for sure but more fearful is that it would be something they can't "fix".

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