Friday, August 22, 2008


Well last weekend my dh took me to breakfast at this place we hadn't been to for awhile, him since last fall for hunting with the guys and me well hmmm idk how long ago LOL! Anyway when we decided we would go I was mouth watering thinking about the grits I could get :) No one else here really likes them but I sure do and they made the real deal so yummy! But, when we get there no more grits nope, none to be found. So I left still thinking about them, even though the breakfast I got was good it wasn't what I went in hopes of. All week I have been thinking about those darn things so last night I made the trek to the store to get some supplies and I got grits too! LOL so this AM for breakfast I had them! put a pat of butter on top...YUM! It worked in a quick fix but man I can really see some coming on this weekend with some bacon and eggs. Mouth watering again! LOL
So happy Friday everyone...we are headed out to camp this weekend so won't be back until sometime Sunday. See you then!

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