Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mexican Food

We are going to a party this weekend that some friends are hosting. The theme is Mexican! I love Mexican food and have been searching for some authentic recipes this week - getting in the mood I guess LOL and also debating what I want to take - I like too much! Anyway I came across this one site that not only had recipes but also little video's showing how to make some of the foods! Pretty cool! Sometimes I know you read a recipe and it says mix to the texture or consistancy of "blah blah blah" and you are like well what the heck is that mean?!?!?!
Nice thing about the video's is that you see it . . . so now you know! LOL!
Anyway they have a lot of recipes there so if you have time go to MexGrocer and check the place out! No I am not saying you have to shop, you might want to but you don't have to! Just check out the scrumptious recipes they have!
I'll let you know how the party goes :)

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