Saturday, September 20, 2008

not a good day so far

had a ton of things to do today while dh was at work. Got up early, got my stuff done here and was showered ready to go, get in car and hear a funny noise so I pull off the road and get out to look, FLAT TIRE :( Now what do I do, go right back home as it is flat as can be riding on the rims is not a good thing. Call dh tell him he says he can't do anything till her gets home which I already knew but here is the dilemma...needed to go to PO, bank and grocery since we have no food. Also I am going away this next week, I have no idea where the stinkin bus station is that I am leaving from and since the bus leaves at midnight or something like that I wanted to know where the heck I was going so I wasn't walking around a big city at night without a clue. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I just hate this. DD is at work already so I can't even take her car to do my errand's. Dh should be home by time DD gets home so now I am here not getting a dang thing done and po'd cause every time I plan something it gets thrown in the garbage lately. I have really had enough and if I could feasiblyrun away from all this right now I surely would...without having to come back to it you KWIM!

so I guess I will go work on some cards I need to get done and out of here before the end of next week....I am totally stressed about the whole bus thing now!

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