Friday, July 31, 2009

A Bunch of Stupid Questions by Kimber

Welcome to the July 30th version of Thursday Thunks!

This week we will answer some crazy questions brought to you by
Kimber, the number 14 (we pronounce this Fauxteen LOL!) and the color of life.
(2 questions by Ber, figure out which 2.) I have no clue.

1. You are in an enclosed space with a group of friends. Elevator, auto, small room, etc.. You fart and it really stinks. Do you take credit for it or do you play along with the questioning of who did it?

are they good friends?

2. You are locked in a room sitting at a desk with just a piece of paper and a purple crayon. What do you draw?

Why the purple people eater of course!

3. Do you ever pee in the shower?

No that is what the potty is for! The radio recently had this discussion - it was quite the topic.

4. Have you bought, sold or got rid of something on Craigslist?

No I can't figure that list out.

5. You are in a convenience store. In the line in front of you is a drunk guy trying to purchase more alcohol. The cashier tells him they cannot sell it to him because he is obviously already intoxicated. He gets belligerent. The cashier is scared. What do you do?

call the cops

6. While shopping for produce, do you "sample" before you buy (i.e. grapes)?

no unless at the outdoor market where they are giving you a sample of it trying to entice you to buy. I admit I have got hooked on some fruits this way :)

7. You are walking down the street and there is a toddler sitting on a bench by themselves in front of a store - do you just keep walking?

Nooooooooo help the little one!

8. Have you looked up an old friend and/or lover online?

Yes but I am afraid to "talk" to them cause we parted on not good terms, she knows where I am too and has "talked" with my dd so I know she knows I am there too...

9. You are nearly in a car/auto accident. Do you freak out, follow the person who nearly caused it & talk to them or just keep going?

I just keep going probably muttering or yelling in my car but oh no never follow them, I sat on a jury for a road rage case and it was horrific what the person did to the other driver...oh no never chase and confront!

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