Thursday, July 10, 2008

Angel Food Ministries

As you know I have been trying to cut costs for us so we can stretch our meeger dollars as far as possible to be able to still afford to get gas and food and not resort to Mac & Cheese every night BLAHHHHH Anyway in May I bought a package from Angel Food Ministries, something happened to the truck so I didn't end up getting anything until June. We have been enjoying the items we received for the most part. We got some popcorn chicken type product that we didn't particularly care for and we also don't really like the frozen vegatables we received but the rest has been good. We had steaks last night that were so tender they could cut with a fork. Yes they were REAL steaks not chopped or something either. Angel Food Ministries is located in local communities and you should check if they are near you. You get quite a bit of food for the basic monthly package and then you can choose as many ad on's as you desire. We didn't order in June again but we will be in July.
If you order let me know what you think.

This is the July Menu:

40 oz.
Marie Callender’s® Family Crock Pot Dinner (Meat Included)
1.5 lb.
Boneless Pork Filet
5 lb.
Breaded Chicken Chunks
1.5 lb.
Meaty Beef Ribs
28 oz.
Meatloaf and Gravy
1 lb.
Beef Fajitas
1 lb.
Fully Cooked Meatballs
1 lb.
All Meat Hot Dogs
1 lb.
1 lb.
Peas and Carrots
28 oz.
Pasta Sauce
1 lb.
32 oz.
Borden 2% Reduced Fat Shelf Stable Milk
32 oz.
Hawaiian Punch
12 ct.
Corn Tortillas
7 oz.
Blueberry Muffin Mix
Dozen Eggs
Dessert Item

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