Tuesday, July 8, 2008


So a few people asked me what I spent the other day since I had recently posted about having no money so here goes....
Spent $5 on the class a tthe stamp store and got $4 credit to spend in the store that day,
bought a 6x6 pad of paper using my credit and pitched in an additional $2.36.
Went to lunch I paid $5 and we both ate (my friend left the tip and provided the change we needed for the bill)
At Pat Catan's I spent $6.31 on the bag and 2 stamps I bought.
Total spent for the day out was $18.67

Could I of done better?
I could of picked an item worth $5.01 the minimum amount I had to spend at the store to get the credit (but it was the new Basic Grey line Euphoria and it is so darn pretty how could I NOT get it! ) could of not got the bag, but them missed my dd's smile - NO WAY!, could of skipped lunch and listened to my belly grumble and I could of forgone the stamps too at Pat Catan's but then what will I have for blog candy on my stamping blog later this month?

It was worth it to me as I had not had a girls day out for some time and I feel very refreshed and new ideas twirling around in my head of things to do.

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