Tuesday, July 1, 2008


OMGosh I saw the hugest bear over the weekend! It was a black bear and it was in PA while we were driving along the road dh and I were talking about places closed up or changed along the way and I was gawking around :) He was just driving along and all a sudden I see this bear walking alongside the road! IT WAS HUGE did I say that? I pointed and said to dh there is a bear right there. He caught a view of it and we tried to turn around (they have these funky turn around things on the highways there - not always convenient and no pull off place or area along the sides of the roads) as we got turning I could see the bear looking to cross the road, dh could also and before we could get around far enough int he turn thingy he was across the road and going down the other side of the mountain. I later called dd and asked her how does a bear cross the road? Well he looks both ways of course! LOL Anyway it was just beautiful to see the bear ambling around but I sure wouldn't want to wake up and see him in the yard in the AM. He headed right down towards some houses. SO much of that area has changed and housing put in I am sure many animals were displaced. Oh it was just magnificent to see the bear though. I have never seen one in real life like that. DH who has in the past hunted them said he would of taken that one guessing it around 500 or so pounds. It was so pretty! So big! Oh I wish I could of gotten a picture of it. I had the camera ready but he was to quick to get down the side of the mountain :(

I had a great weekend despite getting rained on a bit on Saturday, I am glad we went and even gladder though we had an inside place to sleep LOL! The rain and cold would of made for an uncomfortable night!

Sunday we went to the cemetary and yes Pap's tomato plant is growing nothing on it right now but I did pull some weeds from around the plant and the flowers there so they won't get choked out.


Katie said...

Holey Moley - a bear! The biggest thing we see here is coyotes. Or the wild horses but those are few and far between with all the expansion going on in AZ. Sounds like the same thing with your bears.

Love the blog so far. :D
-Katie (RunawayOctober) from Swap-bot

kc_froglady said...

yes the expansionis crazy we coudln't believe how built up it was and I imagine that poor bear just wanted it's old home back LOL!