Tuesday, July 29, 2008

something to ponder

I was reading some blogs today and came across this post.
Now I am NOT the Glitter Queen and I even have a stamp that says so LOL
yeah there is always a but isn't there :)
I do like sparkle - I just don't care to have it all over me. Now my friend Anna she loves the glitter and the more the merrier! LOL. Anyway I would not say I am a grouch. In fact I really like that card and I love sparkly cards but I just don't care to make them myself. Now Stickles has been a wonderful product for me as it is glittery but it is in glue so it doesn't norammly end up all over me. I say normally cause well sometimes it does stray and I will notice my dd or dh looking at me oddly later, only to go to the bathroom mirror and see a huge sparkley piece stuck in the middle of my forhead or on my lip or wherever else it has escaped too. Anyway something to ponder, are those of us who are glitter shy really grouches?

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