Thursday, July 17, 2008

morning commute

Every AM I see this same car on my way to work, I know if I am on time or running late depending when we pass each other...just one of those funny things. Well this past week I haven't seen my "friend" at all so I am hoping they are just on vacation or something. Funny the things you notice you watch for in your day to day life.

While stopped at the red light I was tapping my fingers to the music I was playing and I happened to glance to the side and there was a guy standing on the corner at the tire place and he was playing his air guitar - it was pretty funny and I was laughing at him and waved, turned the volume down a little I guess I didn't realize it was that loud and then meandered on down the road. Glad this AM was filled with a little smile cause now I am doing all I can to stay awake and alert...the calm between storms at work I guess. More bids to prep - yeesh we need to land one of these babies soon!
Ok see you later!

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